Nancyanne Cowell  
Fine Art Studio




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JDStevenson Gallery: "A dynamic palette of masterful light, Nancyanne Cowell's luminous paintings linger in profound beauty. Her work stays with you and continuously reveals itself over time.  A gifted artist, she can make her canvases moan  her brushwork is exquisite."       


The Gallery, at Mattick's: "It's clear with every painting Nancyanne Cowell produces, she's infused every brush stroke with her heart and soul. Glowing in atmospheric light, they are stunning creations of our emotional connection with nature." 


Stephanie Webb, BA, BFA, MA, Contemporary Art Critic & Writer, SeaSide Magazine:  "[...artist to watch...] Inspiring audiences, Nancyanne Cowell is an influential artist of our time. Her stunning, sensuously vibrant 'ecoscapes' profoundly capture the cyclical nature of our existence...speaking to the fragility of the world as we know it."   


Sooke Harbour House Art Gallery: "Nancyanne Cowell's canvases vibrate in the serenity of atmospheric light and the depths of human emotion. Her unique approach stunningly captures the transformative quality of nature and our own sense of longing. " 


Dr. Ann Dale, Author of Edging Forward: "[Love Of Unforgotten Times] fills me with wonder and love.  Nancyanne Cowell's ability to combine the natural and the human world is 'powerfully unique' and makes our world so much richer; combining the mind with emotional and spiritual spaces. Her art ‘allows’ us to see and feel our world in a profoundly different way.  This artist remains true to her journey." 


Johanna Socha, Publisher, ISLAND Gals Magazine, Vol 3, Issue 2, June 2013: "Vancouver Island, British Columbia | Peer-recommended as an artist of inspiration and motivation for her 'ecoscape' paintings and intimately creative process. It has been an honour, privilege and delight to have Canadian artist, Nancyanne Cowell, as one of our feature contributors to ISLAND Gals magazine. Her authenticity and vision pours through both her written word as well as her thought-provoking and potent artistic expression on canvas. ISLAND Gals looks forward to future collaborations with Nancyanne and remains supportive of her journey."  


Sun Marshall, Arts, Municipality of Saanich: [Exhibition: ReVasing]..."Nancyanne, I was thrilled with your exhibit and also received wonderful comments regarding your work. People are struck with absolute awe when interacting with your paintings and find them to be inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing your artwork with the citizens of Saanich!"


Dan Sharp, CEO, Western Allergy, Victoria: "We have moved into our new home and Nancyanne Cowell's painting is the highlight of our living room!!! An article on our featured custom home with her painting centered and photographed, is in the July/Aug 2011 edition of YAM magazine. Enjoying the intriguing layers."


Donna Lynch, Author, Vancouver Island Vs The World, DML Publishers: "Absolutely breathtaking!!!!!! Love them all!"


Marilia Silva-Brand, Bio-Feedback Specialist, Fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine, FCCN, FCNT - Director of Clinical Esthetics & Alternative Medicine at Age Less Spa Clubs Inc., Victoria: "As a lover of fine art, I find Nancyanne Cowell's work absolutely transcending, heart melting & extremely hopeful. Not just the art itself, but also the wondrous names this artist attaches to each piece."


Deborah Wickins, Owner, Service Excellence Management, Victoria: "...and the latest pieces are gorgeous. As always. This artist's talent continues to blow my mind! I have spent hours taking in Nancyanne's art in my many nuances, such complexity. Her paintings are wonderfully deep and honest."


Mary Thomas, & Ray Caslick, Alberta: "[Every Light] is alive on our wall! Nancyanne Cowell's works of art are a wondrous reflection of the beauty found in the sky, earth and water. She has an amazing talent for illuminating the textures found in nature, while deeply touching the fabric of the soul."

Isabel Cordua-von Specht, Victoria: "I am the lucky soul to have Nancyanne Cowell's painting [Loses Its' Cleated Knot] shining its heart energy into my home, into me. I received this wonderful painting as a gift at a time that I needed every ounce of healing energy that was available to me.  The first time I stood in from of it, contemplating the scene, the hummingbird, I felt my feet lifting off the ground and my body beginning to circle in the air ... and I suddenly realized I was seeking to "take off".  It was communicating what I was needing to do: release much of my past, my old ways of doing and being, and step or rather wing my way into a new life and a new way of living.  It hangs as the centerpiece in my living room as a constant inspiration.  Thank you, for channeling this painting for me! I love it. " 

Stephen Ingle CFP, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones Investment, Victoria: "These are absolutely gorgeous, really impressive!!"

Sandra and Robert Herbison, Calgary: "It is incredible how a painting - as an inanimate object, can bring such joy and peaceful reflection to the environment of a home. [Tiptoe Through] and [La Guitarra] have done just that. We are enjoying our additions and are so grateful to have found YOU Nancyanne Cowell and discovered the beautifully creative technique and style of your paintings. These two pieces were 'unintentionally' made for our home and have attracted a lot of appreciative attention. Thank you!"


Dr. Eric Ochs, Ph.D. R.Psych, Victoria: "I love Nancyanne Cowell's paintings, and I am so thrilled to have discovered them while out biking. Serendipity, and too bad I couldn't have fit all her art on my bike...."


Lois and Brian, Calgary: "Thank you Nancyanne, for the joyous soul food brought forth into your creation of [Pond of Vows] to celebrate our wedding."


Chris and Woody Knebel, Calgary: "We love our two paintings which we spotted on the wall during your studio tour. Thanks for the beautiful and soulful creativity which shines through!! We look at them every day in our dining room. We get much pleasure from the vibrant woven energy in [Sweet Occasion] and [Smokey Embrace]. They add a dreamy dimension to our home."